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Anonymous asked: Do you know any info on Chanyeol's ex gf?

Her name is Kim Yejin and she’s an SM trainee. She was also featured on SHINee’s Amigo MV if you want to check that out. Apparently she’s around Baekhyun’s height? Also it’s rumored that Chanyeol has never asked a girl out so it’s speculated she asked him first. Apparently she was supposed to be a SNSD member but she got cut lol and she was dating Chanyeol pre-debut. This is what shocked me the most thought: rumors are going around that not only does Kai have a girlfriend but she’s the one and only Kim Yejin who is also Chanyeol’s ex?! I don’t know where that sprang off from since I just remember reading it somewhere but it’s just a rumor. Here's some of her pictures and her with other SM artists. Her birthday is January 5, 1993. She also modeled with DBSK for smart uniforms. Yejin was also in KBS Children Choir and was also rumored to have been a member in f(x) but as  you can see she didn’t make it haha. There’s also a pretty good info post about here you should take a look at hehe.

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